About Us

World class asset management

We are a multi-talented, dynamic team of mining and blockchain network experts, technologists, entrepreneurs, and engineers from all walks of life. Our mission is centred on running an efficient mining infrastructure that supports the continued growth, innovation, and function of the world’s top blockchain networks.

Cryptocurrencies are the future of money and are poised to revolutionize our global economy. Their universal access allows anyone with an internet connection to utilize the power of this innovative technology. The full implications of decentralized currencies remain to be seen, but Argo is prepared to adapt and be a major player in this industry for decades to come.

Cryptocurrency mining is the process of verifying transactions and adding new blocks to a blockchain ledger. Each new block of transactions has a complex mathematical hash function associated with it that requires significant computing power to solve. The miner who solves the function first receives a Bitcoin reward for supporting the network and adding a new block to the blockchain. A higher mining hashrate corresponds to increased mining success.